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Asset Finance Larger Value Transactions

Need money for your New or Evolving Business? We can finance virtually any asset, adding value to help you build your company.
growing your small business with finance

finance for startup businesses...

...Where directors must be home owners, as a small to medium-sized enterprise, you may have viable business plans that need funding. However, you may be unable to obtain a conventional bank loan because you do not have assets to offer as security.

With a mixture of Lease and Loan facilities, funds can be used for virtually anything - acquiring equipment, franchise fees, web site design, construction works, computer software, working capital, even the first months wages if necessary!

Or you may already have money tied up in equipment. OPM can refinance the asset, releasing the money back to you.

You commit to give us all the information we require about you and your company, chosen equipment and supplier.

In return we undertake to try and competitively fund that requirement for you.

Asset Finance Larger Value Transactions Assets Finance

This information has been brought to you courtesy of OPM Finance.
For more details please contact OPM direct on:

Tel: 015242 72558 or Fax: 015242 73252


OPM Leasing whatever your financial requirement we have a solution for you.

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