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Systems Rental
Take all the tax relief against the rentals but don't take ownership. Replace the equipment during or at the end of the agreement - keeps you up to date with the latest technology.

Operating Lease
Available to Education, Local Authority and top Companies - similar to Systems Rental but where risk and rewards of ownership lie with the funder. The hirer cannot be liable for any residual risks on the asset. For financial accounting purposes, a lease which does not meet the criteria of a finance lease as defined by SSAP 21. The hirer cannot be liable for any residual risks on the assets. An operating lease is accounted for by the hirer without showing an asset (for the equipment) or a liability (for the lease payment obligations) on its balance sheet. Periodic payments are accounted for by the hirer as operating expenses of the period.

Purchase Plan
Buy the equipment by spreading the cost. Claim Writing Down Allowances on your asset but don't tie up your capital.

Credit Sale
Spread the cost of computer software and services, which can include software support, maintenance and training. In some cases you may even benefit from the tax relief of systems rental.

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