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speed and simplicity
new technology can open a new world of opportunities

new technology can open a new world of opportunities

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Consult us for advice
If you have any queries regarding the range of finance solutions available contact us on: 015242 72558 or e-mail education@opmfinance.co.uk

Completing the purchase:
Having returned the signed agreement to OPM, you should then:

  • contact your chosen supplier to arrange delivery of the equipment
  • prior to delivery, the supplier will invoice us
  • on securing your consent, we will arrange for the supplier to be
    paid, only then will the first regular repayment be charged

To Find Out More
OPM Education Finance place great emphasis on developing long-term partnerships with our customers.

Whether you have an immediate requirement or you would like to receive further information for more effective long term planning, please contact our education team.

In most circumstances it is possible to carry out complete transactions by telephone, providing the necessary finance so that new equipment can be installed in a matter of days from your initial enquiry.

New technology can open a new world of opportunities. With OPM Education as your funding partner, you can put ICT to work in the classroom, even when finances are limited.

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This information has been brought to you courtesy of OPM Finance.
For more details please contact OPM direct on:

Tel: 015242 72558 or Fax: 015242 73252


OPM Leasing whatever your financial requirement we have a solution for you.

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