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freedom - making your own choice
freedom - making your own choice

freedom - making your own choice

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The following paragraphs explain how OPM Education Finance can help you with your funding decisions both now and in the future.

A key feature of leasing is that it enables you to acquire modern equipment at today’s prices and pay for it with future funding. This can be arranged through a payment system structured around your own requirements.

  • competitive repayments reflecting public sector status
  • the agreement is fixed for the term and interest rate
  • ability to include equipment from more than one of
    your chosen suppliers on one agreement
  • acquiring equipment at today’s prices offers
    protection against inflation
  • no deposit
  • immediate installation of equipment with delayed
    rental payments to simplify budgets
  • payment structures are simple, monthly, quarterly or annually
  • no security is required
  • flexibility allows you to add on or upgrade
    equipment as and when you want
  • documentation is clear and unambiguous and
    there are no “hidden” charges

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OPM Leasing whatever your financial requirement we have a solution for you.

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