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options for the future

options for the future

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In the modern world, change is the only certainty. Recognising this, our service is individually structured to allow for:

  • add-ons to existing equipment
  • upgrading in line with technological advance
  • complete replacement

Meeting diverse needs:

Making your own choice
We are able to finance most teaching aids and equipment required by all types of schools, colleges and universities including:

  • security systems, CCTV, intruder and fire alarms
  • computers
  • design and technology systems
  • software programmes
  • IT networks and cabling
  • audio-visual equipment
  • language laboratories
  • whiteboards
  • classroom furniture and fittings
  • office and administrative equipment –
    photocopiers, fax
  • libraries
  • musical instruments
  • craft and design technology
  • playground safety surfaces
  • sports and gymnasium equipment
  • drama and music equipment
  • laboratory and workshop equipment
  • catering equipment
  • science equipment
  • maintenance equipment
  • portable buildings
  • vehicles/coaches mini-buses
  • mowers and tractors

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OPM Leasing whatever your financial requirement we have a solution for you.

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